Barboursville Virginia Cabernet Franc 2008 2009 2010 – Interview & Tasting with Frank Morgan & James Melendez

It was a pleasure to sit down and taste some beautiful Cabernet Franc from Barboursville, Virginia with Frank Morgan of Drink What You Like.   I have known Frank from the Twittersphere and, of course, in person at several Wine Bloggers Conferences (WineBlogCon).   Frank, in my mind, is no doubt a subject matter expert when it comes to Virginia wines and has considerable knowledge and experience of many wines and wine regions around the world.

I hate to say but it had been nearly two years since my last tasting of Cabernet Franc or any wine from Virginia! That is been far too long. Virginia is getting much more recognition today than say a decade ago. The recognition should continue and I hope to see more ecumenical wine lists as well as wine retail assortments to encompass Virginia wines in the future.

Virginia is growing an impressive number of wine varieties: everything from Albariño, Cabernet Sauvignon, Graciano, Malbec, Petit Manseng, Petit Verdot, Rkatsiteli to Zinfandel (and there are many more in between).

Virginia’s flagship Vitis vinifera red wine grapes is Cabernet Franc and white wine grapes is Viognier. Frank and I were both in Santa Barbara County for the Wine Bloggers Conference. I was delighted to find that Frank had travelled cross country with three special Cabernet Francs from Barboursville. We opened up the following vintages: 2008, 2009 and 2010.

Each vintage was expressing the conditions of each respective year’s growing conditions and the expert touch of long time Barboursville wine maker Luca Paschina.   Each bottle was an outstanding Cabernet Franc that for me was a proof positive of excellence of Virginia winemaking—each vintage was rich, unfolding it’s experience and I was left with no doubt that I had tasted three world class Cabernet Francs (for more specific details on the wine I would recommend viewing the video below).

I wanted to share each of the wine reviews specifically that we both tasted, giving the point scores in this article and also a reference point to view each portion of this video.


Virginia Wine History/Information/Perspectives – 1:03 – Frank Morgan




Barboursville Virginia Cabernet Franc – 2008 – James the Wine Guy Point Score 9.3 (93/100 Pts) Time Point in Video: 13:29





Barboursville Virginia Cabernet Franc – 2009 –James the Wine Guy Point Score 9.4 (94/100 Pts) Time Point in Video: 16:09





Barboursville Virginia Cabernet Franc – 2010 –James the Wine Guy Point Score 9.3 (93/100 Pts) Time Point in Video: 18:49


I look forward to tasting many more wines from Barboursville and Virginia. If you haven’t had an opportunity to taste a Virginia wine ask you wine merchant to bring some in.   A good starting place in your wine journey would be to taste Barboursville wines. I have listed link below to see if you can receipt wines from your respective state. Also, as I often say in videos—be sure to do a foot on ground tour to discover the full depth of Virginia many wine counties.



More Information on the producer:

Barboursville Vineyards


More information and to follow Frank Morgan, Drink What You Like






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  1. You have me sold on the Virginia wine. I am going to look into getting some.

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