Schott Zwiesel Pure Collection Champagne Flute – 9.5 (95/100 Pts) – James Melendez

I am big fan of Schott Zwiesel stemware and in particular my favourite line is the Pure collection.  There are 17 silhouettes or styles all together (including Champagne flute).

I have used almost every major fine stemware producers glasses and have landed solidly on Schott Zwiesel for several fundamental reasons.  This brand produces a compelling and full line of stunningly beautiful wine glasses that are so distinct that only one producer could have such a great design.

Not only is Pure a great design it is fully functional.  The performance of this stemware is optimum in terms of tasting and maintenance.  When cleaning—either by hand or dishwasher is no longer a worry if the stem you are cleaning will snap off easily.  I had worried so much with other producers stems that I don’t think I cleaned as thoroughly as I would have liked.

Schott Zwiesel calls their glass material Tritan; the key feature is that it does not contain lead instead it contains titanium.  The durability while handling is solid.  The weight of each stem is slightly lighter than many leaded wine glasses.  Also, the performance in dishwasher is outstanding-no streaking or film over time.  I no longer worry about how long I will have a certain stem.

The investment in fine wines is only as good as a solid investment in fine stemware.  I have depended and will continue to depend on Schott Zwiesel to continually deliver high quality wine glasses within a reasonable price point.




Here is a promo code to purchase directly from the US Distributor.  You will save 15% off of each stem:

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