The Audience is Not Listening to Wine Videos on YouTube…..Yet – James Melendez

I had to make a provocative tile to this article—which as you might guess will be a video some day as well. It is true there are very few people are watching wine videos on YouTube compared to ‘how to’s,’ beer, Scotch, daily vloggers or videos like “White crazy cat’ with 1.1 million hits and so fourth.

Either some wine producers have given up or announcements of retirement. Or you can look at some wine video producers and see low hits per video or low channel subscription rates.

I do believe in video and believe in it wholeheartedly—however, I had not always been a believer.  What made me change my view was a series of tests of written material (blog) versus video of the same subject which always showed a higher click or engagement rate for video.  Look at books and movies.  It is easier to find people who have seen the same movie fewer who have read the same 5 books. I love books and the written form and there will always be the need for this format.

Based on low viewing rates of the entire wine category it appears that it is under-rated and I do believe there is a wine video consumer who has yet to find the videos they are seeking.  The wine video consumer is under served.

It is ironic how few wine producers have a full fledged YouTube channel and when I think of the broader category of social media channels —it is what we have all been wanting—a free media to speak directly with wine consumer.  For producers—it is a dream come true to speak directly with their consumers.

I myself have been cultivating a viewer; upgrading and updating my format.  I have been both consistent in format and yet also an experimenter.  Being a former wine marketing manager I knew that the on or off premise wine business, distributor or importer have been trying to crack the wine “nut.”  The wine nut is not “crackable” because it is both an immensely enjoyable, simple and yet a very complex subject all at the same time.

I do believe that with a few upgraded and better practices more wine videos will find more homes on laptops worldwide.  Just because you film it they will not come (viewers) it is a concerted effort over time and it is a brand building proposition and commitment.

And here I offer 10 recommendations if you are either considering a YouTube channel or a wine producer or if you already have presence on YouTube to consider some of the following recommendations:

1. Watch successful daily vloggers; I glean something off of the vloggers I watch.  Vloggers are great conversationalist.  They have conversations with their viewer daily or weekly.  It is a framework to see where you might land.

  • I have become more comfortable by seeing conversation styles even editing techniques

2. Have your logo and brand image on your home page in YouTube

3. Utilize music and add your logo to each video

4. Use a good video editor like Final Cut.

5. Have a brand position—what are your thoughts on wine and how does that represent in each video you produce?

6. Insure a your video has a Call to Action or as I like to say a Call to Attention proposition

7. Be consistent

8. Be detailed oriented

  • I see so many videos that the title says something like “Russian river valley” If it looks to home spun then you may not give a reason to view videos

9. I like to make linkages of my videos; not all wine videos will be related to all your other videos but when the relationship exists leverage it

  • Believe in your brand—believe in video.

Good YouTube videos often but not always have some great edit work, an element of music, something interesting to say, and are continuously improved over time—that is YouTube videos are getting better over time.

Wishing you the best on your video endeavors!




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I love wine and have had the privilege of working in the wine trade as a senior national wine marketing manager for a wine, food and home goods retailer in 30+ US States. I executed into making wine experiential and made 'wines of the world' programme work in a highly regulated framework for a successful business proposition. My "wine" site also incorporates those categories intimately involved with wine such as food, travel and lifestyle. This site incorporates my many dimensions of interest. I love to review and also talk about many aspects of wine. I have been privileged to visit many wine countries and find them enthralling no matter how many times I visit. I love all aspects of wine: viticulture, history, winemaking, brand development, wine regions and many more aspects. This is a living tradition that needs documentation, education, reporting and reviewing. Do I have favourite varieties and styles? I love so many varieties and often it is situational and yet there are time honoured wines that I anticipate and I am passionate about. I like all colours of wine and all styles. I have had a mad passionate affair with sparkling wines and they are always top of mind. Wine nourishes our soul and is the key to connecting with other people at our dinner table. Salute, James © 2014, 2017 James Meléndez / James the Wine Guy— All Rights Reserved – for my original Content, logo, brand name, rating, rating graphic and award and designs of James the Wine Guy. James the Wine Guy also on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other social medias.
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