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Social Media & Wine

I recently posted this presentation I gave in Rioja, Spain a couple of years ago.  And with the advent of it is easier to share presentations.  Better to have a second life that just a one and only run.  An active voice to accompany this presentation would be helpful to give context.

I still believe in the title: Wine & Social Media: It’s What We Have Been Waiting For.  We live in remarkable times–no better time for the best quality, great artistic impression, and the best choices in wine ever.  Top this with a way to talk about great wine we have social media.  Without social media there was no way to talk about wine without paying for it.  Social media allows for immediacy and instant connection with a consuming base and for consumer to have immediacy with their favourite labels and to make discovery of new ones too.

When I gave this talk at Rioja Forum I asked for a show of hands to see how many people had a Facebook account (the audience was the wine trade) almost everyone raised their hand.  I then asked the same about Twitter and only a small number of hands went up.  My research into the subject matter helped to uncover a compelling story about Twitter.  Twitter then and now has considerable stickiness–that is Twitter and wine is a particularly active community of wine interested people.  Twitter unlike Facebook is open–you don’t need an account to view activity.  But if you don’t have a Facebook account you won’t be able to see any of the Like pages.

From a vantage point of time–who really has time to go and see even a small number of wine brand pages?   Twitter on the other hand is simple to use, view and see a lot of things.  Developing one’s presence on Twitter is a great way to have a dialogue with not just people you know but also people whom you don’t know.  Twitter is the truest of social media’s virtual hand shake that is always on.

I do advocate for a Twitter presence for all brands.  The presence also needs to be backed by being active in your Twitter handle.  Twitter allows for an easy way to link websites, full articles, video and pictures.

I am also a big believer in video–another way of adding colour to your social media presence.   I do believe that the YouTube, Vimeo and other video platforms have not been fully engaged by wine consumer or wine interested public.  I have spoken in my wine videos that many people don’t expect to find their favourite wine labels has wine video content they are seeking.  The wine category unlike almost any other category is quite large in terms number of producers, vintages, and wines produced.

The richness of Twitter is to give colour to where people are located,  how active they are, how many followers as well as how many people followed them and you can also find other data points.  I did find it very interesting in my research that the top Twitter wine cities in the world were:

  1. San Francisco
  2. New York
  3. Napa
  4. Sonoma
  5. Los Angeles
  6. Seattle
  7. Chicago
  8. London
  9. Vancouver
  10. Toronto

I would expect this list would perhaps have a few change outs but would remain very similar today.

I hope at some point I can update some of the metrics I captured and think a few cities would fall out and other fall right in.




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