Introducing My New James the Wine Guy Wine Score Buttons – James Melendez


9.2 – PDF


Introducing my new James the Wine Guy Wine Score Buttons for online and print use.  This has been a great year to revise and update my brand presence online.

First my logo has been a great experience where I crowdsourced a new design that I was delighted to find so many great ideas.  I had tried to design and be a one-person shop but it does help to get help from other people.   I had all of the tools but I didn’t have the time to learn every aspect of Adobe Illustrator and so fourth.

I felt it important to have a good looking wine point score to have a visual in addition to the title or search tool.

I have also had a PDF created for wine merchants to print out for wines they have that I have reviewed.  Also, this could be utilized by the distribution, importer community as well.  Producers, importers, distributors, retailer, on-premise businesses and media outlets please feel free to use.

Eventually, when my redesigned website is launched I will place each of these materials online for you to utilize.  In the mean time let me know if you need a PDF or PNG.

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