James the Wine Guy Brand Statement – James Melendez / James the Wine Guy

Brand Statements are important.  Brand Statements identify the subject or person and clarify the reason for being.  They offer a guide rail to fundamental ways of being and offering.

I do think it is important to talk about it because otherwise it is hard to just guess what that might be if one is trying to understand a brand.  Hence I am delighted to bring out a few points in my brand statement so there is no guess work and highlight important aspects of James the Wine Guy.

  • Sincerity in each measure and each step I take

  • To taste wine and compare wines from each region with similar wines

  • To not compare wines that are from other regions (on that other wine regions terms)

  • To honour and respect all of those in the winemaking process from vineyard to finished bottle

  • To be equitable and give ratings that accurately describe wines reviewed

  • Affirm my belief that quality and artistry in winemaking process are better today than ever before

  • Not all wines are created equal; hence the need to distinguish between each wine

  • To understand the history, winemaking styles, varities, science, biology, genetics, viti and viniculture

  • To bring insight and make connection with reader and producer

  •  To be focused on all wine regions in the world
  •  James the Rating Wine score is a logarithm scale and I choose to utilise a 10 point score.  While I have spoken an made an equivalent to 100 point system for better understanding.  I do prefer my 10 point score as I do believe is a far more equitable.  I have seen some wine reviewers give many scores in the late 90 and even 100 ratings.  Not all wines can be at that score level.  It doesn’t mean that I will not issue similar ratings in the future (e.g.  9.9, 10.0) but I do believe I am far more restrained than other wine point givers
  • Continuously seeking consistency and balance

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