Response to Wired Magazine’s article “Wine Flight” – James Melendez

Wine Flight

I found this article in the last Wired Magazine written by Eric Smillie – While this map or prediction map is intriguing it is not the complete story. This was an interpretation I am assuming by Eric of the Conservation International map. There is no doubt that I have of global warming– I am not so certain it will be easy to predict or be as cleanly demarcated on this map. I was curious to see what credentials Eric has as a wine writer and I could not see any listed on his website. This popular “science” of interpretation for me was imprecise and not the whole story. The article mentions book your flights to Washington state and get use to high alcohol wine like Zinfandel that is assuming one would drink only California wine and that other varieties wouldn’t come into play. I do not think there is a uniform agreement that global warming will happen in this manner exactly.

Through this interpretation I was thinking was rather weak what else might be weak or misinterpreted in Wired magazine–this got me thinking–what else are they observing incorrectly?

Not so sure I will renew my subscription to Wired.



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One Response to Response to Wired Magazine’s article “Wine Flight” – James Melendez

  1. Eric says:

    Hi James, The data in the map does come straight from the Conservation International study. It’s one of several models that the researchers ran. You’re right that the study was a set of predictions–predictions that use as much precision as the researchers could muster, but predictions nonetheless, and this was an article reporting on those predictions. The article doesn’t give the entire background, but then again the original study covers 15 pages in small type. In a short magazine piece it just isn’t possible to get into all of the ifs, buts, and other qualifications. I do mention some other aspects in a new post on my website, and you can read the original study at this link:

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