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I don’t consider myself a wine blogger as by definition that would mean I only write online in a very narrow space called a blog as opposed to a person who write about wine.  But how about someone who speaks on wine and creates videos about wine–the term blogger no longer fits.

But the wine interested community has a full array of colour as it relates to expression and expressing wine.  And it does seem to be divisive in the “blogging” and “non-blogging” community.  I think wine blogging is a narrow expression of what is by now a natural extension of simply writing online.  Some people have thought of anyone writing online as “blogging” but paper is slowly fading away and hence “blogging” is a less necessary word.  I know some people who prefer to call themselves a blogger–and each person should feel free to call themselves what they find to be most appropriate.  I personally have never felt that was my central to what I am labelled.

More importantly and the central point to this article is about wine and video.  The video revolution has provided immediacy, colour, solution and even inspiration to those things we are most interested in.  I have studied my metrics on all my media frontiers and have found overall that video has a great response rate than does solely the written word.  Not all of my video content is immediately successful and sometime it takes time for that success to show through.   I have also been experimental and have test driven many subjects–because I am interested in knowing what interests people.

The activation of interested people is very revealing.  I have compared written work with that of the view rates for video and video consistently outpaces written work.  And this is for several reasons–immediacy means finding emotion and registration than can only be given on the visual and audio fronts.  Is the person in video excited, interested, knowledgeable or has a way to convey the meaning of the product in hand hence this becomes a trustmark.

Wine in 2013 is as large as this category has ever been–the best of wine times I say–we live in no greater times–the best quality wines, wines from around the planet at a well stocked retailer or perhaps I have access to receipt in my very home directly from producer or retailer.  50 year….25 years even just a generation ago we couldn’t have found the depth, quality and artistry we find today.  If the online revolution would have happened 50 years ago our wine world and our connection to it would have been very different.  We can talk about wines today as single varietal…. the “V” word–variety–we talk about variety.  We can taste dominate characteristics today more than ever–we can also taste an abundance of blends–things that only wine making–wine artistry bring together.

Wine is complex but that means plenty of opportunity to talk about wine–demystify wine as I say.  Wine is still mired in mystery and misconception and yet there is plenty of room to talk about wine–the written word on wine will always remain but I do think wine interested people are seeking video channels they find extremely relevant.  YouTube and other portals can bring this to quench thirsts and to ignite experience, and enliven interests.  Wine is the only product that has vintage, variety, producer and place that make for not just thousands of stories but literally hundred of thousands if not even more.  I do think there are too few videos to cover this immense subject.  And I do think that discovery will happen on the video frontier for wine–while wine videos may not have Gaga or Gangnam numbers in their future–there is still a reason to do it.  Quantity only says so much–it’s quality that counts.

Wine video interest has only begun and those people who seek solution for other items while seek out wine in the same way.  YouTube ‘How To’ videos have solved many a technological or other problem–so too does the wine video help to arch those needs as well.  If there is not enough wine content and someone completes a search and doesn’t find what they are seeking that person might assume that either wine content lags or is not created.  But I do think the current online surfer does come back for more–wine and video is a future that still has not been realised.



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