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I recently saw someone turn one of my reviews based on my 10-Point scale and moved the point to the right–hence going to a 100-Point scale.  I am fine totally fine with that and I understand why this was done.  I think many people reading reviews are use to the 100-Point scale.

I have kept to my 10-Point scale as a point of difference.  I do contend that my scale is logarithmic and that each progressive tenth of a point is more difficult to achieve then the next.   I keep all of my wine scores tabulated and know the average score and would be interested in those using a numbered system and to know their average–Parker is one wine reviewer that comes to mind.   I do not know of anyone who has weighted the average of many well known wine reviewers.  It would be interested to see the total average as well as by region, producer and vintage and that over time.



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