My 1,000 Wine Video – 1,000 Thanks! – James Melendez

This is my 1,000 wine video— and I have to give a toast and many thanks—the term Grazie Mille is such a great term for a thousand thanks.  I want to give a thanks to you for watching my videos.

On July 2011 I had 200 videos–my 200th was about organic wine.  I realised how many wine videos I wanted to complete.  I thought it took quite some time to get to that video position. Hence, I created a goal to get to a 1000–after all I had 700 on my video planning list–what was 100 more.  I thought it highly important to have direction–an end date to get me there.  After all getting to a thousand is only done one video at a time.

I was astounded how the content found me some of the time.  I also didn’t realise how much pre and post production took–they were simple and straightforward videos.  But I had to research, fact check and then record.  Rarely did I ever record and publish on one try–it was many times to record to get it right.

I also tested the written blog entry to the video–and there was often much more traction to the video.  I think because many people have been accustomed to find material they are seeking–also the coloration the comes with video–intonation, emotion, non-verbal cues transport more communication than just the written.

No special announcement on the thousandth except to say THANK YOU!

Here is a roll call of thanks:

Alison Crowe – Garnet Vineyards, Anna Karelis – Peltier Station, Barbara Drady, Basel Bazlamat, Brian Fox, Campo de Borja Wines, Chandni Patel, David Stevens-Castro – Latino Cellar – Sydney Australia, La Mancha Wines, Lori & Ray Teldeschi Del Carlo Wines, Derek Rohlffs – Bravium Wines, Eladio Araiz, Alfredo Ruiz Santolaya – Club de Marketing Rioja, Family Wine Makers of California, Frank Dietrich – Blue Danube Wines, Gambero Rosso, Julie Ann Kodmur, Tracey & Mitch Hawkins Hawk and Horse Vineyards, Jenny Jirousek, Jo Diaz – Diaz Communications, Joel Melendez, John Concannon – Concannon Vineyards, Margaret Meraz – Flora Springs Winery, Melanie Gameng – The Wine Group, Kimberly Flowers – Kimberly Flowers Communications, Laura Williams, Louise M. Dye – Appellation St.Helena, Mariana Nedich – I.E.E.M., Mary Ann Cruz, New Wines of Greece, New Zealand Winegrowers, Paul Melendez, Pinot Days, PS I Love You, RAP Wines, Rhone Rangers, Rias Baixas, Robert Biale, Dave Pramuk, Steve Hall – Robert Biale Vineyards, Robert Hernandez, Sam Folsom, Lisa Klinck Shea, Lindsay Cumming, Emily McNab – Folsom PR, Skye Morgan – Charles Communications, Stephen Gilberg – Wine Twits, Wein Sudtirol Alto Adige, Thea Dwelle – Luscious Lushes, Theresa Ganchorre – Bordeaux Wine, Vibrant Rioja, Wendy Taylor – Movable Media Wines of Germany, ZAP, Lisa Rigisich – Pinot Days, Michelle Wasner – Seufert Winery, Carla Guerrero, Julio Suarez – Taste Vino Selections, Peter Sierra – Wines from Baja
Robert & Sandy Comstock – Comstock Vineyard, Dan Fredman, Amy Hoopes – Wente Vineyard, Christian Holthausen – Piper-Heidsieck, Crystal Magon – South Coast Winery, Christine Najac – South Florida Food & Wine, Sonia Kofman, Marsha Palanci, Beth Cotenoff, Courtney Schiessl, Adrienne Christner, Lisa Mendelson – Cornerstone Communications, Bruce Schmid, Lisa Hurt – James Cole Winery, Rías Baixas Wines, Consorzio del Vino Chianti Classico, Brooks Painter, Laura Orozco – V. Sattui & Castello di Amarosa, Wines of Chile.

Also including my 100th and 200th videos:


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About James Melendez

I love wine and have had the privilege of working in the wine trade as a senior national wine marketing manager for a wine, food and home goods retailer in 30+ US States. I executed into making wine experiential and made 'wines of the world' programme work in a highly regulated framework for a successful business proposition. My "wine" site also incorporates those categories intimately involved with wine such as food, travel and lifestyle. This site incorporates my many dimensions of interest. I love to review and also talk about many aspects of wine. I have been privileged to visit many wine countries and find them enthralling no matter how many times I visit. I love all aspects of wine: viticulture, history, winemaking, brand development, wine regions and many more aspects. This is a living tradition that needs documentation, education, reporting and reviewing. Do I have favourite varieties and styles? I love so many varieties and often it is situational and yet there are time honoured wines that I anticipate and I am passionate about. I like all colours of wine and all styles. I have had a mad passionate affair with sparkling wines and they are always top of mind. Wine nourishes our soul and is the key to connecting with other people at our dinner table. Salute, James © 2014, 2017 James Meléndez / James the Wine Guy— All Rights Reserved – for my original Content, logo, brand name, rating, rating graphic and award and designs of James the Wine Guy. James the Wine Guy also on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other social medias.
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