My 1,000 Wine Video – 1,000 Thanks! – James Meléndez / James the Wine Guy

This is my 1,000 wine video— and I have to give a toast and many thanks—the term Grazie Mille is such a great term for a thousand thanks.  I want to give a thanks to you for watching my videos.

On July 2011 I had 200 videos–my 200th was about organic wine.  I realised how many wine videos I wanted to complete.  I thought it took quite some time to get to that video position. Hence, I created a goal to get to a 1000–after all I had 700 on my video planning list–what was 100 more.  I thought it highly important to have direction–an end date to get me there.  After all getting to a thousand is only done one video at a time.

I was astounded how the content found me some of the time.  I also didn’t realise how much pre and post production took–they were simple and straightforward videos.  But I had to research, fact check and then record.  Rarely did I ever record and publish on one try–it was many times to record to get it right.

I also tested the written blog entry to the video–and there was often much more traction to the video.  I think because many people have been accustomed to find material they are seeking–also the coloration the comes with video–intonation, emotion, non-verbal cues transport more communication than just the written.

No special announcement on the thousandth except to say THANK YOU!

Here is a roll call of thanks:

Alison Crowe – Garnet Vineyards, Anna Karelis – Peltier Station, Barbara Drady, Basel Bazlamat, Brian Fox, Campo de Borja Wines, Chandni Patel, David Stevens-Castro – Latino Cellar – Sydney Australia, La Mancha Wines, Lori & Ray Teldeschi Del Carlo Wines, Derek Rohlffs – Bravium Wines, Eladio Araiz, Alfredo Ruiz Santolaya – Club de Marketing Rioja, Family Wine Makers of California, Frank Dietrich – Blue Danube Wines, Gambero Rosso, Julie Ann Kodmur, Tracey & Mitch Hawkins Hawk and Horse Vineyards, Jenny Jirousek, Jo Diaz – Diaz Communications, Joel Melendez, John Concannon – Concannon Vineyards, Margaret Meraz – Flora Springs Winery, Melanie Gameng – The Wine Group, Kimberly Flowers – Kimberly Flowers Communications, Laura Williams, Louise M. Dye – Appellation St.Helena, Mariana Nedich – I.E.E.M., Mary Ann Cruz, New Wines of Greece, New Zealand Winegrowers, Paul Melendez, Pinot Days, PS I Love You, RAP Wines, Rhone Rangers, Rias Baixas, Robert Biale, Dave Pramuk, Steve Hall – Robert Biale Vineyards, Robert Hernandez, Sam Folsom, Lisa Klinck Shea, Lindsay Cumming, Emily McNab – Folsom PR, Skye Morgan – Charles Communications, Stephen Gilberg – Wine Twits, Wein Sudtirol Alto Adige, Thea Dwelle – Luscious Lushes, Theresa Ganchorre – Bordeaux Wine, Vibrant Rioja, Wendy Taylor – Movable Media Wines of Germany, ZAP, Lisa Rigisich – Pinot Days, Michelle Wasner – Seufert Winery, Carla Guerrero, Julio Suarez – Taste Vino Selections, Peter Sierra – Wines from Baja
Robert & Sandy Comstock – Comstock Vineyard, Dan Fredman, Amy Hoopes – Wente Vineyard, Christian Holthausen – Piper-Heidsieck, Crystal Magon – South Coast Winery, Christine Najac – South Florida Food & Wine, Sonia Kofman, Marsha Palanci, Beth Cotenoff, Courtney Schiessl, Adrienne Christner, Lisa Mendelson – Cornerstone Communications, Bruce Schmid, Lisa Hurt – James Cole Winery, Rías Baixas Wines, Consorzio del Vino Chianti Classico, Brooks Painter, Laura Orozco – V. Sattui & Castello di Amarosa, Wines of Chile.

Also including my 100th and 200th videos:


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