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Mumm Napa is such a wonderful winery to visit and the only sparkling winery on Silverado Trail.  One of my favourite things about this winery is the view—I always like to sit outside to enjoy an amazing panorama and the valley floor–an one of the best in the Valley.

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Though I have been to Mumm Napa many times I have not had a behind the scenes winery tour.   I like the senses experience and visiting Mumm Napa’s production facility proves to be much larger than one might expect (at least from street view)–though the production level certainly calls for this scale.   The design is well done and that going through the winery shows how expansive it is and how it is not overwhelming for the geographical space it is situated.  Every square foot is well utilized.

I was glad to find out how green the winery is and how Mumm Napa works to make the process even greener.  On my visit there I asked if they were going to install solar panels; and after a re-roofing that is in their facilities plan.  There is a great desire for continuous green process at Mumm Napa.

The tour is well done and does exemplify how difficult it is to make sparkling wine.  The fixture of art work is always present and adds a richer touch.

I have seen Mumm Napa’s product line grow and that is certainly in-line with the many nuances of sparkling wine.   Mumm Napa has it is standard bearers and has expanded in the past decade to high light the fine points of sparkling wine.  Most of Mumm Napa’s grapes come from the Napa Valley with a small amount coming from the Anderson Valley.

On my recent visit I enjoyed Brut Prestige, Cuvée M (containing a touch of late harvest Muscat), Brut Reserve, Pinot Meunier (100% which is unusual for a California sparkling wine house), Blanc de Blancs (with 10% Pinot Gris), Brut Rosé, Santana Brut (65% Pinot Noir and 35% Chardonnay), DVX 2003 (Mumm Napa’s signature and prestige offering)–the fruit comes from the Deveaux Vineyard which can be seen on the Carneros Highway (121) and DVX is named in honor of Mumm Napa’s founder and first winemaker.  I also tasted the sparkling Pinot Noir–a wonderful wine to serve with Thanksgiving, turkey, duck and salmon.   Sparkling red wines are not terribly plentiful and especially compared with sparkling Australian wines (chiefly Shiraz but there are also sparkling Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon),  I think it would be safe to say that there are fewer than 1,000 cases of quality sparkling red wine produced in the US.  I also tasted their Cuvée M Red–this sparkler is 96% Pinot Noir and 4%.

Mumm Napa Winemaker Ludovic Dervin

I enjoyed Ludovic Dervin walking through his wines.  He gave a great view and comparison and contrast of Champagne and California sparkling wines.  The discipline and heritage of Champagne and California’s ability to craft sparkling wines with fewer restrictions to leverage California’s great climate but the ability to utilize varietals beyond the Champagne set.  I look forward to more return visits to this sparkling sparkling winery.

A Gorgeous Assembly of Sparkling Wine



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