Romanian Wines – Four Thousand Years in the Making – James Melendez

Romania is the 7th largest wine producer in Europe and 11th in the world.  There are approximately 195,000 hectares / 481,000 acres planted.   Romania has a rich tradition of viniculture for over 4 millennia–few nation-states can say the same.  According to legend the Greek God Dionysus was born in Dobrogea – southeast Romania.Romania is in similar latitude bands as France, Spain, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary and Austria.  Generally northern Romania there are primarily white wine grapes grown in this area; central Romania has a mix of both red and white and south Romania is predominately red wine grapes.  Romania is a land of higher elevation and has a continental climate–there are sea influences from the Black Sea.Romania produces both indigenous grapes:  Fetească Albă,  Fetească Regală, Fetească Neagră, Băbească Neagră as well as international varietals: Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and Pinot Gris.

Romania has numerous large wine areas:

1) Maramures & Crisana – West and North
2) Banat – Southwest
3) Transylvania – Central Romania
4) Oltenia & Muntenia – South
5) Dobrogrea – East and on the Black Sea
6) Moldova – North east

And encompassing smaller wine districts inside each larger wine region.  Romania’s lineage is certainly ancient and new.  But few have 4 thousand years of history but Romania like most other wine producing nations has newness as well.  A sense of finding it’s consumer base, refining it’s wines, training native Romanians to go abroad and bring back knowledge to produce high quality and impressionable wines.

Romania has had an uninterrupted wine history despite many historical interruptions.  I think many people are relying too heavily on the past communist era as significant and interfering with wine production–and despite these years of collective farming –wine was still being produced.  A larger picture is the framework and heritage that is Romanian wines–that is a significant picture.   And we are more than a generation away from the communist regime–the Romanian wine industry is geared to have many glasses to fill.  Romanian wine production is far too large to not have a larger distribution trajectory. And the world is awaiting to taste Romania’s wines.



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