From the Mystical to the Magical… a Journey in Wine – James Meléndez / James the Wine Guy

Wine for far too long has been shrouded in mystery.  Some images reflect the ‘wine snob’ for whom only certain wines were acceptable.  Enter stage right is a character who want to feel confident about the wine they possess but feels a certain fear about it: ‘what does this selection say about me’ ‘what if I brought the wrong wine.’  Wine has interestingly been about a substance of allure and of mystery.  While for a long time wine was blessed by only a few… a wine writer / rater and only upon their anointment came acceptance.  Those who bestow a special status to a certain wine or label are still with us but the individual wine contributors is also weighing in.  Another positive trend is many people feeling comfortable about making a wine discovery… and enjoying the wine discovery experience.

Recently, I heard Eric Asimov speak and he suggested that maybe we should ‘re-
mystify’ wine… which made me think–has wine become so uninteresting?  That answer was a clear no.  Wine continues to captivate and delight.  We have come along way and to think that re-mystifying wine could only guarantee a way to make it less sought after and buck a trend of consumer enjoyment.

My business cards say ‘wine demystification” and that is because I have simply met too many people who felt uncertain about wine.  Beer and spirits don’t have that same conundrum.  Feeling comfortable about varietal, appellation and wine making technique is not something that anyone I know wants shrouded in mystery–and this comes from winemakers and winery owners and operators.  Making wine fully transparent is in everyone’s benefit.  Demystifying wine does not make it any less special or sought after.  Understanding wine and more importantly enjoying wine comes magic.  Wine is magical and a lingering evening of great food, family and friends and maybe not necessarily in that order comes that great descriptor – ‘magical.’

Not that every wine is magical but truly well made wines will impart that senses experience.  The lingering qualities live beyond the day or evening tasted but live on in a senses memory that ferments to a magical moment and memory.  So maybe those that desire only re-mystifying wine are missing the whole point of wine and those who enjoy it.  Free the grape and see the great moments create good foot prints and joyous tales.



Demystifying Wine…One Bottle at a Time from all wine regions around the world.

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About James Melendez

I have two blogs on this descriptor page--I use to be able to make separate. My fragrance blog is to express my thoughts on fragrance. A passion in addition to wine. I think it is a stellar component to the senses and that which I am in love with. I hope you like both blogs. My "wine" blog also incorporates those categories intimately involved - wine, food, travel and lifestyle. We all need food and water to survive but we need wine to nourish our soul. My favourite varietals are Pinot Noir, Nebbiolo, Grenache, Syrah-Shiraz.. for my red wines. And I often circle back to these varieties and sometimes they are my home varieties. The journey of wine is an historical footnote also marked by viti-viniculture and artistry that makes this beverage a living one. I have worked professionally in the wine trade and have loved all aspects; marketing, history, science and art of wine. © 2014 James Meléndez / James the Wine Guy— All Rights Reserved – for my original Content, logo, brand name, rating, rating graphic and award and designs of James the Wine Guy. James the Wine Guy also on Facebook, Twitter and most major social medias.
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