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Wine videos are important and will become increasing important as more people turn to this media for discovery and answers for their many wine questions.  Similar to YouTube’s nearly exhaustive “how to’ solutions.   Which have been considerably helpful for me.

The wine category is what I like to say is amazingly complex and simple all at once.  Simple because wine is easy to enjoy and appreciate—there is need to science for enjoyment.  Wine is complex because of a myriad of characteristics, choices, circumstances and contingencies.  Layer that with wine brands and labels.   And this is prime for a need for solutions.

Just the number of produced varietals, blends, vintages and number of brands is staggering and I do believe people seek specific videos addressing a bottle that might have been given to them, how to select a bottle for Friday’s dinner, a wine tradition, wine brand and so fourth.

Given there are several video bloggers; there are many more still only in the written version.  Video bloggers just like their written counterparts (and sometimes participate in both formats) come from the same diverse walks of life; producers, restaurants, enthusiasts, distributors, importers, etc.  But given just the large number of labels how could one channel, person or even brand cover all brands?  The numbers are staggering—one statistic that I found notes that TTB was presented with 38,000 label applications versus the previous year of 32,000 (2009 v 2008); another statistic that TTB has over 100,000 applications per year but not all make of those approved make to the marketplace.  And how many wine labels exist in total?  At any given time not all wine labels are approved for all countries—a curious thing.  That while they can be imported for personal use—a label is inherently restricted until approved both by TTB and individual state in many circumstances.

But regardless of labels approved status or not—will not and should not prohibit video or blogging about specific wine labels.  The frontier of social media is opening up newer labels and older wine producing regions.

There is more to come and more to explore in this fascinating media—wine video’s like any other motion picture can give more colour and expression that the written word—non-verbal cues, accent, use of word, comfort with subject, pronunciation, knowledge and ease of delivery all help to build that social pizza connection and wine.  There is more to come—it is what I see as a natural evolution of wine and communication.




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