Fairview Cellars Okanagan Cabernet Franc – 2007 – 9.0 – James Melendez


The saying “so close yet so far away” applies to Okanagan.  I am West Coast based and yet Okanagan might as well be a continent or two away… I have never seen a bottle of non-dessert Okanagan wine anywhere in California or anywhere in the U.S.

I went to Virginia and went to Wine Bloggers Conference in Charlottesville to taste wines from places near and far.  I was so glad to run into this person and it was simply a chance meeting.  If I had not been in the right place at the right time I would have missed this opportunity.

I don’t think wine even from the most distant or even close wine regions should be difficult to locate.  Perhaps as more people talk about wines from Okanagan that we will find in California one day.

This wine exhibits notes of Montmorency cherry, hint of black plum, pepper, vanilla and Thyme.



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2 Responses to Fairview Cellars Okanagan Cabernet Franc – 2007 – 9.0 – James Melendez

  1. Mari kane says:

    Hey James-
    The person who poured for you was me and yes your timing was good. I’m happy to have popped your Monmorency cherry on BC table wines. There will be more next year as 2013 approaches.

  2. Richard Hayes says:

    Nothing wrong with keeping the best of Canada a secret. More for me!
    The french keep there best wines at home. Granted probably for the rich.

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