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I was curious to know the average scores of other wine reviewers and looked for any sources that could give insight.  Unfortunately, those have not been tabulated or at least published.  I looked at my reviews to get an average and after all they are all published hence anyone could get that number.

My average review is 8.91145 (out of 10.0 Points) as of July 15, 2011.  I look at the number as somewhat of a bellwether–if the number was higher like 9.2 or 9.3 I could possibly attribute that to perhaps reviewing higher end wines or possibly my reviews were creeping higher over time.  Looking at the number shows restraint and careful adherence to the integrity of a rating scale that is logarithmic and that each subsequent 10th of a point is more difficult to achieve than the previous.

My wine ratings have never been issued beyond 9.6 and I do expect at some point that those wines will be coming and the only thing will be what if any wine will be a 10.0?  It may be hard to pinpoint or impossible to say what is a perfect or a 10.0 wine.

I will publish from time-to-time my average reviews– a great way to benchmark where my reviews are progressing.  Until then stay tuned for more individual wine reviews.



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II love wine and business. I am obsessed with the subject, the art, the history, the sciences, organization management, and making things less complex I have been a former national wine marketing manager for a large off-premise food and wine retailer (280+ retail locations in 30 US States); the love for wine taught me the good practice of using the best methodologies to right side a business which unto itself is complex. Further complexity is wine. Wine simple to enjoy and yet profoundly complex because of many factors: Many grape varieties States of wine: sparkling, still and fortified wines Vintage Blends Regions/AVAs/DOCs etc. Many producer styles Many producers Limited supply Limited and often restricted distribution My experience is still a lot of intimidation with respect to wine. Wine means many things to many people; status, fear, success, ‘you’ve arrived’, enjoyment, good times, tradition and even ceremony. I have consulted with wine producers and association. I have spoken on Wine and Social Media, Wine and Video and The Business of Wine in conferences in the United States and Europe. Beer and spirits do have the same dynamics–there are many producers but compared to wine there is no other consumer product like it. I have been writing about since November 2006 on my site and I have over 2,890 wine videos on my YouTube channel talking about general wine subject matter as well as specific educational topics on wine and reviews. I have been a wine judge and have traveled to many wine countries in the new and old world. Wine has taken me to great places. Life is tough for most of us and it is nice to celebrate life with those near and even far. What wine is really about is sitting around a table with family and friends raising your wine glass and saying—to life! I love to write about travel, food, technology and business–please subscribe! Salute, *** A plethora of wine reviews from wines regions around the world. Read more of my wine reviews:jamesthewineguy.wordpress.com © 2020, 2018, 2017, 2010 James P. Melendez – All Rights Reserved.
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