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9.0, Dry Creek, Zinfandel

Bella Dry Creek Valley Canyon Zinfandel – 2007 – 9.0 – James Meléndez / James The Wine Guy

Autumnal cranberry, touch of allspice, Crimini mushroom and chocolate.



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About jamesthewineguy

We all need water to survive but we need wine to nourish our soul. My favourite varietals are Malbec, Pinot Noir, Tempranillo, Shiraz... but there is only one varietal I cannot kind of enjoy and that is Pinotage. I remember my first try was... I hope this is like a Pinot... but it is like drinking a fermented green vegetable with an after taste that just lingers and lingers and... lingers. But I am not here to talk necessarily about what I do not enjoy but what I am passionate about. My current passion is Sherry - Pedro Ximenez which is one of the most amazing wines of all time. If the wine loving world new what they were missing they would start appreciating this miraculous wine. Malbecs drink like they should be double, triple of their current pricing and I am talking solely of Argentina's beloved wine. I love Pinot and I love it even more when I find one worth loving. But when you find a spectacular Pinot you wish time could stand still. And then there is Champagne. I like the bone dry style - Extra Brut. It is an amazing nectar that I like Winston Churchill...could drink everyday. ...Well he did... I am still dreaming about it. I am amazed with Madeiras, Ports, Sauternes, Tokaji and my beloved Sherry.


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