A Comment: “5 Ways to improve California Wine” – Jon Bonne – Article –

I read Jon Bonne’s article “5 Ways to improve California Wine” and was thinking it was going to be more technical wish list.

Number one of five was “Take white wine seriously” It seemed to be just a statement about taking white wine seriously– wasn’t certain what audience it was intended?

I then went on to the second point and stayed stuck “Stop the AVAs.” I wasn’t sure who Bonne was addressing?  It seemed like the wine consumer.  And all I could take away was that there are too many AVAs?  I think his point might be the AVA speak before the wines?

There is a lot of slippery slope in point two.  I am not sure how stopping the AVA improves California’s wines–that wasn’t spelled out.

I think like all things and wine included is that AVA doesn’t take the place of quality and it never has–you can have the most revered AVAs but not so good vintage or producer.  AVAs are essential in helping the wine consuming public to have a closer relationship of what they are drinking.  I attended many wine events annually and I am not only there to taste but to take note.  I do a lot of listening and some of the best questions are where is the AVA they are currently consuming.

Wine enthusiast:  “Where is Potter Valley?”

Wine maker: “Great question…. let me tell you…”


Without an AVA and with a large state as California the bottle at hand may remain a mystery.  And isn’t demystifying wine in everyone’s best interest?

The AVA will help hone in on regional difference and do ultimately and more importantly will figure in to what the wine buying public will look towards for characteristics that match what they seek in wine.

I quickly went through the other items he listed and didn’t find that they were necessarily were quality improvement measures.

Here is the article.

5 ways to improve California wine   



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