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Top QR is my QR code (James the Wine Guy)

Second bottle is Tarara from Virginia.  The first wine bottle I have seen with a QR.


I tweeted a picture of a bottle of wine that I found with a QR code on the back panel label at Rhone Rangers in San Francisco.  The bottle was Tarara from Virginia.  I tested it out using my Android phone and the QR correctly identified the bottle and brand at hand.  I received a negative response about QR and how it didn’t work.

I used Google Goggles on every QR I found and there have been no issues yet.  But like anything else there can be a fail rate– so far and from my experience QR is a great tool.

The question of whether QR usage will depend on wine brands who may or may not use for a variety of reasons.  A QR might not be used on a back label because it may not fit with the aesthetics of the overall design and the wine brand.  Perhaps wine brand management feels it is not needed for their suite of wines as their brand is highly recognized.  I would suggest that while a brand is recognized today it may be less so in the future.

QR could be very useful in particular at wine events where many brands are pouring their wines.  In this situation many wine consumers don’t write down or note all that they are enjoying.  The QR is a way to quickly capture on a smart phone and recall later.  I do think QR is valuable for wine brands for their wine consumers to recall later.  I am a fan.




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One Response to QR Code + Wine = Brands Remembered – James Melendez

  1. This may interest you:

    QR codes bridging the public information gap in New York http://bt.io/Gx6J

    Check out AVIN also as an ISBN attempt at creating one base database. @ adegga.com.

    QR codes are interesting but the issue is broader I think.

    Thnx for the post.

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