Wine: Bottled Complexities – James Meléndez / James the Wine Guy

Bottled Complexities 4 (click to open PDF version)

Wine is an amazingly complex subject.   And in it’s complexity is both a good thing and yet unfortunately makes for confusion as well.  I have been wanting to create, for some time, a diagram depicting the major categories: fundamental wine distinction, producer, regulation, off-premise, on-premise, etc.  and fine points.   When applying this to a diagram I tried several configurations and found that this very large subject is a hard one to depict and further categorization wouldn’t simplified this diagram or if was simplified it would not be helpful.

Wine is complex for many reasons; those that are obvious like varietal, appellation to the less known such as regulation and business of wine.

A common question I get is “why isn’t wine X available at my local wine merchant”   And this diagram does go to explain why in one year the wine you enjoy is plentiful and well-priced; then the next year it is available but at a much higher price point.  Unlike beer or spirits wine has so many circumstances and variables that makes each year different.

I hope this is helpful to view at some level for those interesting in know what makes wine complex.


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