Wine Tasting Event 101 – James Meléndez / James the Wine Guy

Wine tasting events can be a lot of fun and a point of discovery for all participants.  A well planned wine event will not only be memorable but will also facilitate more events.

Doing a wine tasting at your house is about not just discovering and uncovering wines–they are also about building bonds between you, your family and friends.

First decide is this going to be a blind tasting or non-blind tasting.  I recommend keeping the event as simple as possible.  You can find a whole host of suggestions but they can be a bit over the time top.

Things to consider:

  • Guest list
  • Themes

What you will need:

  • Wine
  • Tablecloth – absolutely valuable–a great tool to keep your table dry and clean
  • Wine glasses
  • Wine opener
  • Wine pourer – no matter how neat everyone is–wine does drip a bit and this is an inexpensive way of making sure it is in the glass and not only your table
  • Wine tasting notes – notes for guess to record their experience with the following categories:
  • Name
  • Varietal
  • Color
  • Nose
  • Mouth / Body
  • Notes
  • Pencils
  • Water pitcher for rinsing wine glass
  • Dump Bucket
  • Paper bag or aluminum foil (if blind tasting)
  • Marker – number each bottle (if bling tasting)
  • Music
  • Copious amounts of water for guests (a bottle of water as they leave event)
  • Food

You may want to add other elements but it isn’t necessary.


Encourage guests to use the dump bucket for wine they may not enjoy and that they need to consume all that is poured.

And have fun!




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