Time to Celebrate – Inaugural Wines – James Meléndez / James the Wine Guy

I know a few people who plan to open a bottle of bubbly to celebrate Barack Obama’s Presidential inauguration during the broadcast—for the West Coast that begins at 8:00 am and the East Coast that is 11:00 am.  What ever your plans for the inauguration it is a time celebrate.  Bubbly is a great wine to usher in milestones and in particular this historical moment.  And milestones marked by bubbly is coveted and recalled.   To reflect Obama’s pledges for a new era in international relations are wines not just American wines but Champagnes as well; French is an international language and is used in almost all international documents and treaties.  And interestingly is how much of American sparkling wines have a relationship with a Champagne house

Sparkling Wine & Champagne

•    Roederer Estate L’Ermitage 2002 – 52% Chardonnay and 48% Pinot Noir – a wine that comes from Anderson Valley – a superbly cool and apt appellation for sparkling.  This is a coveted wine that will be remembered.
•    Domaine Carneros La Reve – 100% Chardonnay
•    Domaine Chandon Etoile Brut – 53% Chadonnay, 45% Pinot Noir, and 2% Pinot Meunier
•    Canard Duchene Brut N.V.
•    Ayala Brut Majeur N.V.
•    Bollinger Grande Année 1999
•    Bruno Paillard Brut Premiere Cuvee
•    Charles Heidseick Brut Reserve

These inaugural wines are all memorable.  I have highlighted the higher end American sparklers because they are special and well made bottles of wine.  Few people enjoy these wines and this occasion lends itself for opening something spectacular.

The Champagne with the exception of the Bollinger are non-vintage widely available in larger to middle sized metropolitan cities.  The prices are reasonable and quality is superb; theses wines from the other red, white and blue that are outstanding and will remembered.  You may have a tried and true bottle of bubbly—why not make a change in a year of change and in this auspicious milestone of change.


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