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Read my California Food & Wine Blog – Land of Food and Wine – James Meléndez / James the Wine Guy

You can read additional food and wine blogs where I talk specifically about California food and wines. Land of Food and Wine: Thanks, James Meléndez Jaime Patricio Meléndez James the Wine Guy ¡Salud! A plethora of wine reviews from … Continue reading

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Kim Crawford Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2006 – 8.8 – James Meléndez / James the Wine Guy

This is a very dry Sauvignon Blanc; plenty of exotic notes; passion fruit, papaya, pineapple and gold kiwi; this wine is perfect for the most hearty of seafood dishes. A beautiful straw color is elegant and is as good as … Continue reading

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Calcareous Vineyard Kate’s Vineyard Paso Robles Zinfandel – 2005 – 8.5 – James Meléndez / James the Wine Guy

Of the three Zinfandels from this vineyard – this being the youngest – I preferred the least but it may be that time improves each vintage.  2005 had a higher rating that did 2004 and 2003 had the highest rating.  … Continue reading

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Viu Manent Colchagua Valley Malbec – 2005 – 7.9 – James Meléndez /James the Wine Guy

Very disappointed with the synth cork which imparts an especially noticeable taste.  It took a while for the wine to recover from this shock; the wine with either a natural cork or screw cap would have shown through much more … Continue reading

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Grove Street Napa Valley Meritage – 8.2 – James Meléndez / Jaime Patricio Meléndez

I was excited when I saw this wine – I thought what a great value—Meritage…Napa Valley..$9.99….. later I noted that there was no vintage??? I went to Grover Street Winery’s website but there was no explanation. The wine was singular … Continue reading

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Costa del Sol Napa Valley Red Wine – 2004 – 8.2 – James Meléndez / James the Wine Guy

I looked at this bottle that I had been gifted; the back panel said it was produced by Benessere; but there was no information on it’s varietal breakdown. I went online, first to Benessere, but they made no mention of … Continue reading

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Duo Maipo Valley Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot – 2004 – 8.8 – James Meléndez / James the Wine Guy

Duo Cabernet Sauviginon Merlot exhibits cherry, cranberry, cedar, and Indian simmering spices.  This wine has a nice structure and it is apparent this is a Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot blend; beautiful ink color, and nice acid.  This bottle had a … Continue reading

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